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Garage Door Openers


Garage Door Openers

If you want an automatic garage door, we can assist you to find best motors on the market. Most typical opener’s are made from a pole and chain scenario which was great 10 years ago but they aren’t known as being overly quiet. As houses are being built closer and closer to each other now days we think opener’s need to be ultra quiet and we promise you they are. The difference is a enclosed c-rail and timing belt that makes up the drive train of the opener (Overhead opener’s only).

Door Smart WA carry many types of opener’s in stock so your garage door will always have the right opener on it first time.

A brief description of our some of our more popular opener’s are detailed below:

Controll-A-Door® Smart

With an unrivalled level of safety and security thanks to Smart Phone Control as standard, you can rest easy knowing you can monitor and operate you garage door from anywhere

Controll-A-Door® Secure

With all the essential features and quality accessories you come to expect from B&D, Controll-A-Door Secure offer exceptional value.

Controll-A-Door® Power Drive™

Power Drive is our most popular rolling door opener and features the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors.


Delivers affordable and secure garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that B&D is famous for. Suits the majority of standard rolling doors.


The Toro® offers sophisticated commercial roller door opening technology and superior pulling power. With built-in Battery Back Up and a wall-mounted control panel you can program a variety of operating modes for your security and safety.

ATA (GDO-11)

Sectional doors only: The GDO-11 is the most common opener used at DoorSmart as it covers an opening of 13.5m2. This opener will lift and close your door @ 140mm/sec.

Solar Powered Openers

Solar_powered_openersAll ATA’s are compatible to run off solar, as there is more demand to use the sunshine now days to reduce power costs. Why not use it to run your garage door? (Solar set-up is not standard with our opener’s and is added as an extra).