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Custom Aluminium Sectional Garage Doors

Aluminium doors are fullly customised to suit the design of your home. There is an array of different colours, styles and materials available which are all on display in our Busselton office. Here are three of the most popular Aluminium Doors but feel free to come in and design your own!

Clear-lite (ClearSmart)

Clear lite doors are made from a extruded aluminium rail, and are an ideal solution when natural light is needed inside your garage. Frame can be powder coated in any dulux or interpon colour and there is no shortage of colours to select when choosing your insert.


Ali Panel (ACP door)

The Ali door is assembled onto a aluminium frame and then sheeted face side using a 4mm Aluminium composite sheeting. This door is most commonly used to achieve a negative detail to match lining boards on eaves, ceilings etc. This door is very popular when also looking for a flat metallic look. For ACP colours please enquire within.


Poly-Lite (Poly Smart) Doors

The Poly lite is essentially the sun smart version of the Clear lite as the insert is a 8mm Polycarbonate sheeting. The sheeting is also very durable and also has a U.V. rating.

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